‘Wolf Geek’

Link to entertaining article in Video and Filmmaker Magazine based on an interview with me – “If ‘no cameras were harmed during the production of this film’ was a title, it’s not one you could apply to Wolf Creek 2. The humans and animals may have fared okay, but some of the gear that went into the desert never came back. Toby Oliver ACS, talks about what rigs he used, why, and putting three types of cameras through their paces.”WolfCreek2_Shannon-Ashlyn-as-Katarina-in-backpacker-hostel-2 Above: Shannon Ashlyn as Katarina

Great reviews in for ‘Carlotta’

There are a number of good reviews around for the ‘Carlotta’ TV movie, due on air in Australia on Thursday next week. But some of the really cool comments come from Grahame Blundell writing in ‘The Australian’ newspaper:

“there are classical Hollywood style camera movements, effective without calling attention to themselves, the direction and photography always at the point where life and art meet, and from which veering off in one direction would spell drab naturalism”, “a round of applause… for director of photography Toby Oliver…”  Both director Samantha Lang and myself are pretty pleased with the great response so far.Carlotta