Great reviews in for ‘Carlotta’

There are a number of good reviews around for the ‘Carlotta’ TV movie, due on air in Australia on Thursday next week. But some of the really cool comments come from Grahame Blundell writing in ‘The Australian’ newspaper:

“there are classical Hollywood style camera movements, effective without calling attention to themselves, the direction and photography always at the point where life and art meet, and from which veering off in one direction would spell drab naturalism”, “a round of applause… for director of photography Toby Oliver…”  Both director Samantha Lang and myself are pretty pleased with the great response so far.Carlotta

’6 Miranda Drive’ nears wrap

The Greg Mclean directed thriller approaches the end of the successful shoot here in Los Angeles. Starring Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell (Rogue), Paul Reiser (Aliens) and Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy) the movie will be released through Universal Pictures. It is being shot on Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 cameras in anamorphic widescreen format.

Toby and Greg pano Malibu

Toby Oliver ACS and director Greg Mclean at a coastal location.