Dead To Me
Dead To Me - Season 2 / Created by Liz Feldman / Produced by CBS Television for Netflix, 10 x half hour series / Released on Netflix on May 8, 2020 / Shot on Sony Venice 6K with Cooke S7/i lenses
Carlotta TV Movie for ABCTV Australia Directed by Samantha Lang Nominated for AACTA Award Best Cinematography in Television 2014 / Shot on ARRI Alexa with Cooke S4/i lenses
Beaconsfield TV Movie for Nine Network Australia Directed by Glendyn Ivin Winner Best In Show ACS Awards 2012 Winner Award of Distinction ACS National Awards 2013 / Shot on ARRI Alexa with ARRI Master Prime lenses
The Killing Field
The Killing Field TV Movie for Seven Network Directed by Samantha Lang / Shot on ARRI Alexa with Canon Cine zoom lenses
Spirited - Season 2 TV Series (10 x 1hr) for W Channel Directed by Stuart McDonald (Lead director) / Shot on RED ONE MX with Cooke and Angeniuex zoom lenses, and Cooke S4/i lenses
Lockie Leonard
Lockie Leonard - Season 1 TV Series 26 x half hour for ABCTV Australia Lead Director Tony Tilse / Shot on Sony F900 HDCAM with Fujinon Cine zooms
Devil's Dust
Devil's Dust TV Mini-Series for ABCTV Australia Directed by Jessica Hobbs / Shot on ARRI Alexa with ARRI Alura zoom lenses and Cooke S4/i lenses
Miracle in the Storm
Miracle in the Storm Documentary 1hr for ABCTV Australia Directed by Leo Farber Winner AFI (AACTA) Award for Best Cinematography in a Documentary 2010
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